Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Karen & Andy

A very belated post, due in part to being slow in organising our photos and to a somewhat busy schedule.

At the beginning of February my sister and her partner Andy visited for a week. The weather unfortunately was not kind being neither snow nor sunny - well actually it rained most of the time.

Anyway, we managed to pack in what we could with a quick visit up Grouse in the snow (they were not ready for skiing any more than we were), one day downtown which hardly got us past Robson St, snowshoeing on Seymour and a couple of walks in Lynn Canyon and Lynn Headwaters.

We look forward to a return visit one day in a spring or summer season when hopefully we can get some more outdoor activies in successfully.
Incidently, credit for these images goes to Karen as she was the one taking all the snaps and we stole them off her ! Thanks Karen.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Real Estate Mogul

More about the new job, coming soon.

Wet Weekend

It's been a very wet weekend. From mid morning Saturday it started torrential rain and it's now early afternoon Sunday and showing now sign of stopping anytime soon. Here's a few, not very good snaps of the river in Princess Park at capacity - at night in the house with the window ajar it's positively noisy. The pics aren't great partly because of the light (or lack of) but mostly because of needing to juggle dog, dog lead, umbrella, camera and camera case all whilst trying to keep myself and camera dry ! What look like drops of water on the lense are actually drops of rain reflecting off the flash - I checked the lense and it was perfectly dry.