Saturday, May 19, 2007

Street Legal

From one wild beast to another....... Charlie is now fully licensed.

It is a requirement in Vancouver to license your dog. We had been slack at getting Charlie licensed but he's fnally done ! The license fees vary considerably from cheap if neutered to expensive if not neutered. Charlie has been fixed but unfortunately we didn't have any official paperwork to prove it. Charlie of course had some physical evidence but we weren't ready to march him into the council offices to show him off - we had his dignity to think of.

We did manage to get a 'neutered license' eventually with the help of Charlies UK Pet Passport and a bit of expert Passport alteration thanks to David.

Charlie can be seen here proudly wearing his shiny new heart-shaped tag 'Number 6256'.
However Charlie assures us 'he is not a number, he is a free dog'.


These are terrible quality images but nonetheless I did just manage to snap this coyote as it tried to work out how to use the pedestrian crossing opposite our house.

Coyotes are commonly found in and around North Vancouver particularly at this time of year when they are looking for food to feed their young. Although they wouldn't normally attack adult humans, they do consider cats, small dogs and children as fair game so you definately have to be careful.

These photos were taken at about 7.30pm from the living room window while waiting for David to return from work, so we'll keep an eye open over the next few weeks and try and get some better pictures.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Last Few Tofino Pics

These are the last few random Tofino photos that we have, a selection of people, dogs & views.


The BC coastline is famous for it's eagles although we've not yet had a good opportunity to photograph one when we've been close. We did see a few circling around the beach in Tofino although we were at some distance.


Being on the far West Coast of Canada, the coastline at Tofino boasts some pretty impressive sunsets. We were very lucky for our few days that the weather was so good we were able to enjoy some.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tofino's Beaches

We visited three of the five beaches in Tofino. They were predominately sandy, flat and very very big. The other great thing was how quiet they were as seen in these images.

Cooling Off

Too much running around on the beach can make a boy hot.

Star Fish

The rock pools in Tofino were teeming with life. These are some of the star fish and other life forms we saw.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Summer Is On It's Way !

A sure sign summer is on it's way....the tourists are arriving and the cruise ships are here.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

More Gratuitous Posing

Tsunami Hazard Zone

As Vancouver Island's West Coast is very much the edge of the Pacific Ocean it's also in very real danger of tsunami's. The ocean floor under the Pacific is particularly prone to earthquakes and the San Andreas faultline runs a few miles off of the coast. Indeed, in 1964 Port Alberni had 364 buildings destroyed when a Tsunami hit the town.

The Provincial Government, conscious that so much of the coastline is at risk have found a solution to the problem. The solution is a handful of blue & white signs. One shows a picture of a guy climbing a mountain to get out of the way of a huge wave. The other simply points in the direction you should go to find a mountain.

It's worth bearing in mind that the whole peninsula that Tofino sits on is pretty low-level, the mountains you see in the photos are not on this peninsula. Nonetheless, the Government have done their bit and the lawsuits should be less when the inevitable eventually happens.

"Sit & Stay"........"I said STAY!"

Because the 4,786 photos we already have of the dogs wasn't enough, we did of course have to take another thousand or so on our few days in Tofino.

OK slight exageration, but Charlie and even Joe were certainly a bit fed up of having to sit and pose attractively on demand in front of a nice backdrop by the end of the break !