Sunday, April 27, 2008

Winnipeg's better architecture.

I stayed at the Delta in downtown Winnipeg on the recent trip. Not the best city I have been to but here are the pics of the nicer buildings I found.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Pier in Lower Lonsdale

Today I had an open house at a brand new condo in the PIER development at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue. The area to the north & south of Esplanade Av, for one block east of Lonsdale is being rejuvinated and developed.

The site to the south of Esplanade used to be shipyards which are going to be turned into a museum, hotel and another high-rise condo tower. Four high-rise towers have already been built on the North side of the road, with may owners annoyed (including the owner of the unit I had open) that they didn't know about the future development infront of their homes when they bought off plan a couple of years ago.

So, here are some pics of the new pier, and the view while this unit still has it !

This is the pier which has already been constructed and the nice city view. It was sunny but hazy today so the view could have been clearer.

Here are some of the old docks where the hotel & museum will go

Many working docks still line the North Vancouver waterline. Here some can be see together with the land in the foreground where the next new high-rise will go.

Great view of the Seabus

The towers are only steps to the Lonsdale Quay market for commuters who use the Seabus.

Large commercial ships waiting outside the docks.

Once completed, this development promises to offer a bigger and nicer waterfront to explore and tidy up what has been a very run-down and depressed couple of blocks.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Work In Winnipeg

Ok so I did actually have to do some work towards the meeting in Winnipeg & attend a series of lectures & seminars. It wasn't all Play and fun! Here is the storyboard we did to share our work on the care of children with sepsis in our hospital. My Colleagues Tracie & Gord also working hard.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Once again my job has afforded me a trip away in Canada. This time the ICU Collaborative & 'Safer Healthcare Now!' meetings were in Winnipeg. Now it has to be said that before going several people laughed or at least smirked when I said I was going to Winnipeg; this was often accompanied with a look of perplexion and the question "why?". Now that I have been I can understand this a little more.

That isn't to say I did not have a good trip but despite being told that I was seeing Winnipeg at the worse time of year (dirty Spring) I was a little disappointed.

As you can see here from this shot from the plane it is pretty flat & sprawling with some big buildings in the middle.

I had hoped to experience some of the extreme cold Winnipeg is famous for, -30 degrees in the depths of winter, but the coldest it got being the begining of spring was -4. However a striking feature I had not seen before was the frozen river.

The next couple of blog entries are more pics of my trip. Enjoy!