Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another New Car

Since we have very conveniently moved the opposite side of the city to Davids job and I've now also obtained a job (which involves me driving around half the province) it seemed like a good idea to get me a car as well as Davids Murano.

We wanted something that was affordable but reasonably smart and presentable for me working as a real estate agent. We also needed something with a boot for Charlie. Once we had narrowed it down we discovered Dodge Caravans (Chrysler Voyagers) were very affordable here and had the huge benefit of seating up to 7 people for the odd occasions when we have numerous visitors or I am on a hometour with clients.

So, we settled on a 2003 Dodge Caravan SXT in onyx green with 52,000kms (32,000 miles) on the clock and one owner.

I've already been to Kelowna and back and around some of my clients in the Fraser Valley, totaling about 1700kms and so far so good......

A & D

Friday, September 15, 2006

Proud Images I

Vancouver Pride 2006

Back in July we were able to join the city in being proud! Yes, Vancouver pride is actually very inclusive, a big family day out for all. Grandma, Mum & Dad, Kids and grand children all pitch up to cheers and watch the parade of some 180 groups & floats. Some better than others. Appealing to my shallow side I have only posted some of the better pictures we took (i.e. The fantastic or sexy).

A really fun occasion on the main part but there was some political comment. Unlike London pride of the past that I have been to where they still struggle to make bold political statements, here since the political atmosphere is generally very liberal with legalised gay marriage etc. The politics seemed to simply reflect general political themes and not just gay ones. Like the pic below that depicts G.W. Bush acting as puppeteer for the Canadian PM Stephen Harper. It seems that the gay community here is integrated enough to share the same political concerns as everyone else. Cool!

No Pride would be complete in my opinion without at least one member of the order of 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'.

Some folks really went to town and I have to admire their creativity and bravery. You Go Girl!!

D & A

Proud Images II

Vancouver Pride 2006

Now we had to choose a bank when we moved here and we chose TD Canada Trust. Little did we know that they employed some of the hottest looking men in banking (see above). We certainly didn't expect such a good display after our dealings with our personal banker who whilst very nice and efficient could not compete with the horny dude pictured here.

Clearly no North American Pride (or any pride parade for that matter) would be complete without some cowboys. A lasting and favourite icon of gay culture.

Somewhere over the Rainbow, there's a land that we dreamt of..... So far so good. Pride is great fun and is one of Vancouvers biggest annual events. It is great to live in a city with a strong gay community that is well integrated in such a way as you genuinely feel accepted and valued along with everyone else. Not set apart politically, morally or economically. We are of course just the same as everyone else except richer, sexier, funnier, braver and More Proud!

D & A

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Views from Grouse Mountain

From the base camp, looking up part of the mountain, with the cable car tramlines visible and a cable car seen on its way down
From the cable car on the lower slopes looking across North Vancouver towards downtown (across the water)
From the cable car higher up looking across the Lonsdale area of North Vancouver. Our house is just out of sight to the left of the photograph (an annoying hill prevents you from seeing it from the cable car !)
From the very peak of Grouse looking over the reception area where the 'apres-ski' chalet, observatory restaurant and other amenities are.
Still a couple of small pockets of snow remain at this height, although most melted in late June, early July.
Views across Burnaby and the Eastern side of the city
Views to the East and South across Burnaby and the Fraser Valley beyond.
Close-up of Mt Baker in Washington State.

These were a few extra images taken when we went up Grouse Mountain with Yvette while she was visiting.

Our first visitor

The rose between two thorns, Yvette, David and me on our way up to the peak of Grouse Mountain, getting snapped by a friendly passerby.

Yvette on Grouse Mountain with Mt Baker, just visible in the background.
David and Yvette at the very top of Grouse, enjoying the fantastic views across the city.
At lunch in Horseshoe Bay with Tracy Freame, a couple skillets of prawns and a few bellinis.
Enjoying a proper Canadian breakfast - eggs, bacon, pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit. (ps Mum & Dad thanks again for the caffetiere you can see it's being put to good use!)

Yvette Flynn was our first visitor to the new house.

Arriving less than a week after we moved in she saw the house in its original format (something we hope not too many more of our visitors will do !). As a result of the busy time for us she saw plenty of Canadian Tire (like a Homebase), London Drugs (like a huge Boots) and Real Canadian Superstore (does what it says on the tin). She also mucked in and helped get the decorating started.

We did manage to get a couple of 'holiday' days with her, going up Grouse Mountain, seeing the touristy aspects of Lower Lonsdale waterfront, downtown by night and a lovely lunch with Tracy Freame at The Boathouse in Horseshoe Bay.

Thanks Yvette for all your help, and we promise next time you come that we'll be perfect hosts and it'll all be 'holiday'.

A & D