Friday, September 15, 2006

Proud Images II

Vancouver Pride 2006

Now we had to choose a bank when we moved here and we chose TD Canada Trust. Little did we know that they employed some of the hottest looking men in banking (see above). We certainly didn't expect such a good display after our dealings with our personal banker who whilst very nice and efficient could not compete with the horny dude pictured here.

Clearly no North American Pride (or any pride parade for that matter) would be complete without some cowboys. A lasting and favourite icon of gay culture.

Somewhere over the Rainbow, there's a land that we dreamt of..... So far so good. Pride is great fun and is one of Vancouvers biggest annual events. It is great to live in a city with a strong gay community that is well integrated in such a way as you genuinely feel accepted and valued along with everyone else. Not set apart politically, morally or economically. We are of course just the same as everyone else except richer, sexier, funnier, braver and More Proud!

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