Friday, September 15, 2006

Proud Images I

Vancouver Pride 2006

Back in July we were able to join the city in being proud! Yes, Vancouver pride is actually very inclusive, a big family day out for all. Grandma, Mum & Dad, Kids and grand children all pitch up to cheers and watch the parade of some 180 groups & floats. Some better than others. Appealing to my shallow side I have only posted some of the better pictures we took (i.e. The fantastic or sexy).

A really fun occasion on the main part but there was some political comment. Unlike London pride of the past that I have been to where they still struggle to make bold political statements, here since the political atmosphere is generally very liberal with legalised gay marriage etc. The politics seemed to simply reflect general political themes and not just gay ones. Like the pic below that depicts G.W. Bush acting as puppeteer for the Canadian PM Stephen Harper. It seems that the gay community here is integrated enough to share the same political concerns as everyone else. Cool!

No Pride would be complete in my opinion without at least one member of the order of 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'.

Some folks really went to town and I have to admire their creativity and bravery. You Go Girl!!

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