Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another New Car

Since we have very conveniently moved the opposite side of the city to Davids job and I've now also obtained a job (which involves me driving around half the province) it seemed like a good idea to get me a car as well as Davids Murano.

We wanted something that was affordable but reasonably smart and presentable for me working as a real estate agent. We also needed something with a boot for Charlie. Once we had narrowed it down we discovered Dodge Caravans (Chrysler Voyagers) were very affordable here and had the huge benefit of seating up to 7 people for the odd occasions when we have numerous visitors or I am on a hometour with clients.

So, we settled on a 2003 Dodge Caravan SXT in onyx green with 52,000kms (32,000 miles) on the clock and one owner.

I've already been to Kelowna and back and around some of my clients in the Fraser Valley, totaling about 1700kms and so far so good......

A & D

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