Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When we bought our home it was a 1970's house with some renovations being required. This Spring we have had the time & money to be able to do the necessary work.

First off we had the roof replace which was an expensive job considering the old one didn't actually leak (yet) and the new one really looks the same as the old one it's just a bit darker in colour and the tiles don't curl at the edges (which is a good thing). However, it's a sensible precaution to replace the roof before it actually starts leaking because then it's extra and hassle and can cause extensive damage.

After the roof came the new windows. We chose to upgrade from the single glazed poorly fitting sliding aluminium frame windows and replace them with much higher quality, double glazed PVCu casement (opening outwards rather than sliding) European style windows. This sounds like a normal and sensible decision but was actually quite hard to do as the vast marjority of window manufacturers make cheap sliding windows, not dis-similar to what we would have been replacing.

This is the Euroline Windows truck parked up. They make the frames and install the sealed units in the factory and then the whole unit is fitted into the house in one go.

First though, to get the old windows out they have to cut through the wooden siding around the old windows to free the frames. This means that everytime you have new windows the hole gets a bit bigger so you have to have additional trim around the new windows to cover the chopped out siding. Scott is seen here cutting out the big Living Room window at the front.

Then the patio doors were chopped out of the Dining Room.

One of our main objectives was to be able to say goodbye to the 1970's yellow glass that had greeted everyone to the side and above the front door for 37 years.

Now we had a large space to play with at the main entrance. We were able to design custom doors & glass to make more of an impact for the front of the house.

After the doors and windows are installed the trim is made to fit around the outside of the window frames to hide the chopped out siding.

Then we have new, properly opening windows that seal shut and actually keep out noise and draughts. You can see the trim now fitted around the outside of the window.

I'm under strict instructions not to post images of the total finished product, so you'll just have to see it when you visit next !

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fireworks from English Bay

This is a slightly belated post....the contents of which were obtained at the end of last month but we have been delayed uploading the video footage. The video of the fireworks will follow shortly.

We have seen the annual fireworks competition a few times but this was the first time we were able to enjoy them from the water.

We were invited to join Caroline & Jeff on Jeffs sailing boat, together with some other friends and relatives of Carolines.

Here is Andrea. Please note that since alcoholic drinks are not allowed on the water the beer bottle is actually an illusion to keep Andrea happy, it was of course filled with Lemonade.

Relatives of Carolines visiting from Scotland, plus Jeff at the helm

Views of Stanley Park and the Northshore beyond

Views North/West towards Bowen Island.

Looking back towards the City.

The large flat barge is the one used to release the fireworks. English Bay beach can be seen beyond and is the busiest spot for people to watch the display.

The West End and English Bay beach.


More views as we sailed around English Bay while enjoying the evening sun


Caroline & Jeff


When the sun was setting it was time to fire up the built-in BBQ (this is civilised sailing). Jeff making hot dogs.

More views

Chilling out & chatting waiting for the darkness to fall and the fireworks display to start.

One still image of the fireworks, showing the reflection in the water and the twinkling lights of the city behind. This image really doesn't do the setting justice, it's a great place to see fireworks !

We are definate converts to watching the display from the water. It was a great experience to sail around the bay and the view of the fireworks was outstanding, with nothing and nobody in our line of sight.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dog Mountain

Today the sun was shining and I had a couple hours available in the afternoon, so I took Charlie for a walk up on Mr Seymour. We actually followed the same route that we had snowshoed with Karen & Andy when they visited in February 2007. This led us to Dog Mountain via First Lake.

This is a nice route to walk as you have the elevation and the views, but don't have to climb it all as you start by driving to the top of Seymour and then walking from there.

Driving up Mt Seymour there is a pull-out with a viewpoint. This is the aspect overlooking the Eastern end of Burrard Inlet and across to Port Moody.

Then we started our walk. The forest is a mix of new and old growth.

Despite several weeks of over 20 degree weather there were still pockets of snow around.

The trail weaves through the trees. The ground is still very wet underfoot even though it's been very dry for a few weeks but some parts of the trail get very little direct sunlight.

As well a numerous named lakes, there were also several smaller un-named ponds, such as this one.

"Yep, this one tastes OK"

Another tranquil pond

Once we reached Dog Mountain we enjoyed the superb views from the mountains to the North, across the city to the mountains on Vancouver Island and south across Burnaby.

It was quite a hazy day, but I still got to appreciate the view unlike when we went snowshoeing and we were up in cloud.

Here are some of the mountain vistas from the top of Dog Mountain, followed by a panorama video shot.

This is a view over the Metro area. East Vancouver and Burnaby are to the left with Downtown and the Westside to the right.


The 2nd Narrows Bridge

Looking straight down Lynn Valley Road....for those who have been there the flat low-rise section to the left of the road about halfway down is the Mall where Save on Foods etc is.

Then Charlie and I were visited by a couple of friendly chipmonks, one of them posed nicely for a photo.

Umm, 6 month old snow is not as good at getting your paws clean as the lake

Views near First Lake.

This is the bridge we snowshoed across and were several feet above the handrails. I guess as the snow melted and people started walking on the railings themselves it didn't do them any good.

First Lake

It was so very peaceful and quiet, we only saw one or two other people. The lakes & pond in particular were tranquil and still........until Charlie arrived.

Here are a couple movies of Mr C disrupting the peace and quiet.