Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Playland at the P.N.E.

Every summer Playland opens at the P.N.E (Pacific National Exhibition). Playland is the theme park section of the P.N.E. Although Alton Towers would put Playland to shame, it's still a fun day out. Interestingly, there are a couple of similar rides, including Corkscrew the rollercoaster plus some Fair ride classics including Enterprise, Dodge 'Ems and Break Dance.

We arranged to meet our friends Sig & Helen and their family and a couple friends there.

Here are a few of the gang.....from left to right :
Wendy, Adrian, Bill, Max, Sig & Bella

Max & Sig

Who gave Helen the candyfloss......surely you know what effect that much sugar has on her !

Bella & Max on their first ride of Hell's Gate.

Now, it was a hot sunny day so we were all drinking lots of water, re-loading with sunscreen and so on. However, Basil had a much more fun way of cooling off......

While most of the rides were very difficult to photograph us on, the dodge 'ems (or bumper cars as they're known as here) were different.


David and Basil

Sig, happy with her progess

Sig, less happy with her progress

Max with his 'tattoo'

Helen & Sig

Finally, I was press-ganged into riding the Hell's Gate ride with Max & Bella. I was not an easy convert and reluctant to say the least. There is a running commentary as to whether I am chewing gum or not. For the record, I am not chewing gum, although I might be saying a few prayers - who knew I was so religious. Having said that, the ride was actually not as bad as it's simply over so quickly.

All in all, a great and fun day out. Hope we go again next year !

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