Friday, January 22, 2010

Capilano Canyon, January 2010.

Today was bright and sunny so while we didn't have time for a long walk did manage to fit in a circuit at Capilano Canyon.

We took the same route we had walked with Mum and Dad back in September so no new photos here...... although it is refreshing to have some sunny photos to post !

Views of Capilano Lake and the Lions beyond.

Panorama of the lake and North Shore Mountains.

View of the mountains to the north of the lake including Crown Mountain with some snow on the left and Grouse on the right with none. The amount of visible snow on the mountaintops is equivilent to what you might expect in May or early June, not January.

Close-up of Grouse

However, the plentiful rainfall has kept the lake full and the dam in full flow

Looking back at the dam

Capilano Canyon upstream

Looking downstream past the fish hatchery

Finally a view further down the canyon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cypress Falls Park

Last week we had a day that was actually dry so we headed out to Cypress Falls Park for a change of scenery.

This was my first visit to the park since coming here with Tracy & Paul while visiting them in June 2004.

There are two falls, upper and lower. The lower are quick and easy to get to from the carpark.

This panorama video taken of the Lower falls.

This view from the top of the Lower falls looking down them.

This video from the top of the Lower Falls.

Views upstream from the top of the Lower falls.

Then a steep uphill trail eventually brings you to the Upper falls which are actually more impressive but less easy to get to.

Mojo posing in front of the Upper falls.

Panorama view from the Upper falls.

Views around the river canyon

Mojo testing out the creek.

An old fallen tree is cut to clear the trailway. While much of the North Shore is second generation forest, there are still large pockets of Cypress Falls Park which contain some old growth, probably 250-300 years old.

Mojo demonstrating the size of the trunk of this fallen old growth tree.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Walk of 2010

2010 has started mild and wet this year. Quite different from the cold & snow we had this time last year.

Our first outing therefore wasn't particularly exciting. Infact we decided to leave the car at home and just do a walk from the house.

We headed up Princess Avenue. The whole neighbourhood shrouded in cloud.

Heading onto the trail network on the edge of Mt Fromme from Braemar Road, around behind the tennis courts on Boundary Trail.

Entering the forest

Boundary Trail climbs the hillside with Hastings Creek in the ravine down to the left.

Climbing up into the dark wet forest

A quick look around the forest from Boundary Trail where we join Digger Trail continue up the side.

Most of the trails on Mr Fromme are designed for mountain bikers.

The wet weather made for some soggy obstacles.

Eventually the trail meets the Baden Powell hiking trail. Here it crosses the creek.

View from the bridge on the Baden Powell trail over Hastings Creek.

We then headed down the well defined Baden Powell trail

After descending another trail back to Braemar we took the power line trail down to Princess Park.

We then completed a loop in Princess Park and called that our first walk of 2010. Not very exciting but mostly under a good tree canopy which made the rain more bearable ! We hope to have some much more interesting walks over the course of the year.