Friday, March 19, 2010

Snowshoeing on Seymour

This morning I took Mojo up onto Mt Seymour for some fun in the snow while the sun was still out and before it all melts for the end of the season.

On route up Seymour we take in the views from the lookout to the South-East.  Here Simon Fraser University is situated on the green hill in the centre, mountains in Washington in the distance.


Zooming in on Burnaby and the dark penninsula on the far right leading out into the sea is Point Roberts – an odd piece of land attached entirely to Canada but is actually a small piece of Washington state.


Looking down the Fraser Valley, Mt Baker silhouetted against the morning sun.


Views across to Belcarra and Port Moody.


Approaching the parking lot at the top of Mt Seymour.


As we set out the ski runs are still quiet.  Mojo is very tempted to test these nice flat white runs out but there are park rangers nearby who probably wouldn’t have been supportive.  He sticks to the trails for the short distance we run parallel to the ski run and then turn into the forest.

IMG_1201 Mojo is delighted with all the snow, having had very little at home this year this was his first opportunity to get out and really run around in it.

IMG_1163 Mojo racing around the trails

Not long and we reach the look-out from Dog Mountain.  The view here of Downtown.


Looking at East Vancouver, Burnaby and the Second Narrows Bridge.


A wide view of the whole city.


Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge with the mountains of Vancouver Island in the distance.


Grouse Mountain


Views to the North



A panorama from the South side of Dog Mountain over the city.  Incidentally, the strange ‘crunching’ sound on the video is Mojo knawing on a slab of ice he has removed from a frozen pond

And a panorama view from the North side of the peak.

More views from the top of Dog Mountain.


Mojo taking in the views.


On top of the world !


We then start heading back.  The sunlight through the forest.


One of the ponds, frozen over.

IMG_1197 Stopping for a quick break to chew a stick he had stolen off a dog earlier.


Looking across a frozen First Lake.


Back at the end of the trail the First Aid ATV races up the ski hill, I guess someone has had an accident further up ? 

After our walk I decided it was not be right to be so close to Deep Cove without calling in to Honeys for a donut….perfect for elevenses !

Deep Cove village.



Views across the village to Indian Arm.


Kayakers enjoying the peaceful waters


Views across the inlet.


Deep Cove village from the pier/jetty



Looking across the marina


Homes on Panorama Drive straddling the terraced hillside.


This view shows the marina with Quarry Rock in the background, which I walked to in October 2008 with Charlie.

IMG_1215 Finally a brief panorama of the village from the jetty.  A lovely walk and great to get out and enjoy some sun and snow at the same time !

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit to Bowen

On Sunday we took a trip across to Bowen Island.  It was our first visit since Tracy & Paul moved away in 2007.

We were visiting some friends who have a border collie called Stella who loves racing around with Mojo.

It was a cold & grey day so only a couple of snaps from the outside deck of the ferry.  Views here are North up Howe Sound with a very visible snow line.


The cut-away in the trees here is from the improvements to the sea-to-sky highway to Whistler.  Although the majority of this section was always two-lane they improved the junction around the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.


The East side of Howe Sound looking about as far as Lions Bay.


We had arranged to meet our friends at the park in Snug Cove so the dogs could have a really good race around on the open green before we went for a walk around a nearby lake.

The views here from the park in Snug Cove.


We were then thoroughly distracted at the dogs trying to avoid them chasing the gaggle of geese that were sitting in the middle of the field – although Stella eventually did the honours and cleared the green ! 

After a good hour or more of chasing eachother and any other dog they met at the park we grabbed coffees and drove the short distance to Killarney Lake.

We then walked the hours or so around Killarney Lake.  There were some really good views of the lake but again we were busy walking, talking and throwing sticks for dogs so didn’t take many photos.

This is the one we have across the lake.


Conveniently at the end of the walk is a section of trail that allows easy lake access for the dogs to wash off.  Mojo here is contemplating removing this fallen tree from the lake.  Thankfully he does give up on this idea.


Stella enjoying a stick she has just stolen off of Mojo.


A brief clip of movie of the dogs splashing about in the lake.

After completely exhausting the dogs we headed to a new restaurant in Artisan Square called Artisan Eats  for a terrific lunch and then headed home.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Spanish Banks Beach

On Saturday the sun was out and we had a free afternoon so we took ourselves off to Spanish Banks beach on Vancouver’s Westside.

We deliberately timed the walk so the tide was out and a very low tide to give us lots of sandy flats to walk on.

It was bright and sunny with great views of Downtown.

IMG_1087 copy

This was the view over West Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.


Towards the West the view of Howe Sound, with Lighthouse Park to the right and the Bowen Island ferry to the left of it.

IMG_1083 copy

Mojo is in dog heaven, initially racing around with all the other dogs at the busy end of the beach, then splashing in the shallow waters.  Here soaking up some sun.


Mojos other little trick is chasing birds.  He loves the chase, is fascinated when they take off into the air and thankfully is completely inept at catching them.

He had run after one or two seagulls on the beach without incident, however he then decided to chase after a particular bird which lead him to the rockpools where there must have been 30 or 40 birds feeding on the tiny sealife found in the pools.  He sent them all flying up into the air and then the next 15 minutes or so racing around attempting to prevent them landing.

Eventually we went and retrieved him as it was clear he was going to do this for the rest of the afternoon if we didn’t intervene.

This video as he races off and discovers the birds at the rockpools.

After collecting Mojo and getting back to the busier end of the beach so he could play with some other dogs rather than terrorising birds we eventually headed home.

An effect of the mild winter we have had this year are all the cherry blossom trees that are blooming right now.  Usually they don’t bloom until well into April at the earliest.

These trees were downtown on our way home.


Sunday, March 07, 2010


It is one thing to convince Mojo to carry the newspaper in from the driveway but it’s quite another to stop him eating it once he’s inside.

Mojo holding newspaper

Monday, March 01, 2010

Making Friends

Mojo and Tallee, an 8mth old Aussie on a recent visit to the beach.

Mojo and Tallee

They raced around and had a great time together

When it came to getting treats Mojo knew he had competition and had to up the anty - so he throws in a 'please' !

Olympic Hockey Games

Hockey is the definately the official sport of Canada and the one that practically the entire nation tunes in to watch.

We have been to a few games since we have been here but have really enjoyed watching Canada play in the Olympics. 

We headed downtown to The Lion pub to watch the Canada v USA playoff game. Me with the official uniform – the obligatory red mittens.

IMG_0976 And David equally appropriately wrapped up.

IMG_0977 After only a short wait for a table we squeezed into the pub.  Lisa here.

IMG_0979 Andrea, myself and David.


Unfortunately we lost that game 5-3.

However, the next game we beat Germany and watched it at our friends Sig & Helens house with their children.

The next game against Russia we watched at home with our own furry mascot.

IMG_0969Fridays semi-final game against Slovakia again we met with Sig & Helen this time at Joeys bar in Coquitlam, close to their house.

Sig & Helen.


David and myself


And the whole gang for the evening:  David, myself, Helen, Sig and Kirsty.  Almost as good as winning the game that night were the three deserts we shared – having been in the pub most of the afternoon and it was now about 8.30pm we were ready for a final course before heading home.  We shared the banana-chocolate bread & butter pudding, the molten chocolate lava cake and the apple pie.  Yum !   Add the main course and appetizers we each had, drinks all afternoon & evening and a total bill of $45 each – bargain !


We decided having spent half of the previous week in various Vancouver pubs we were ready to have the Gold Medal Hockey game at home.  So we had about 15 friends over, hot filled rolls (pork & apple and prime rib with sauteed onions) and lots of extra nibbles. We have a few snaps from the day although we were rather busy eating good food and watching the game.

Caroline & Deb


Taylor, Nikki, Caroline & Lisa


Jeff, Sawyer, David and Andrea


Bob & Jeff


Nikki & Caroline



DSCN2661 Lisa & David


Andrea, Caroline & Lisa, then Nikki, Taylor and David.


Myself, David and Andy


Mojo appeared to have coped with his repatriation to Canada from the US well.  Without any prompting from us he just went and picked up the flag and walked around with it – much to the delight of his spectators !

DSCN2681 Caroline, Bob, Deb and Andy


And of course the final result of the game was the perfect icing on the cake for what seems to have been an excellent Olympics and was a terrific couple of weeks for us here in Vancouver.