Monday, March 01, 2010

Olympic Hockey Games

Hockey is the definately the official sport of Canada and the one that practically the entire nation tunes in to watch.

We have been to a few games since we have been here but have really enjoyed watching Canada play in the Olympics. 

We headed downtown to The Lion pub to watch the Canada v USA playoff game. Me with the official uniform – the obligatory red mittens.

IMG_0976 And David equally appropriately wrapped up.

IMG_0977 After only a short wait for a table we squeezed into the pub.  Lisa here.

IMG_0979 Andrea, myself and David.


Unfortunately we lost that game 5-3.

However, the next game we beat Germany and watched it at our friends Sig & Helens house with their children.

The next game against Russia we watched at home with our own furry mascot.

IMG_0969Fridays semi-final game against Slovakia again we met with Sig & Helen this time at Joeys bar in Coquitlam, close to their house.

Sig & Helen.


David and myself


And the whole gang for the evening:  David, myself, Helen, Sig and Kirsty.  Almost as good as winning the game that night were the three deserts we shared – having been in the pub most of the afternoon and it was now about 8.30pm we were ready for a final course before heading home.  We shared the banana-chocolate bread & butter pudding, the molten chocolate lava cake and the apple pie.  Yum !   Add the main course and appetizers we each had, drinks all afternoon & evening and a total bill of $45 each – bargain !


We decided having spent half of the previous week in various Vancouver pubs we were ready to have the Gold Medal Hockey game at home.  So we had about 15 friends over, hot filled rolls (pork & apple and prime rib with sauteed onions) and lots of extra nibbles. We have a few snaps from the day although we were rather busy eating good food and watching the game.

Caroline & Deb


Taylor, Nikki, Caroline & Lisa


Jeff, Sawyer, David and Andrea


Bob & Jeff


Nikki & Caroline



DSCN2661 Lisa & David


Andrea, Caroline & Lisa, then Nikki, Taylor and David.


Myself, David and Andy


Mojo appeared to have coped with his repatriation to Canada from the US well.  Without any prompting from us he just went and picked up the flag and walked around with it – much to the delight of his spectators !

DSCN2681 Caroline, Bob, Deb and Andy


And of course the final result of the game was the perfect icing on the cake for what seems to have been an excellent Olympics and was a terrific couple of weeks for us here in Vancouver.



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Anne&Ian said...

Thank you, great pix. It was easy sat in Britain to support Canada as apart from Amy Williams we didn't seem to take part.

What a perfect end to a Canadian Games to beat Big Brother, Pierre Trudeax's "Elephant" at the last moment and also secure 1st position in the gold medal score.

Anne and Ian