Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit to Bowen

On Sunday we took a trip across to Bowen Island.  It was our first visit since Tracy & Paul moved away in 2007.

We were visiting some friends who have a border collie called Stella who loves racing around with Mojo.

It was a cold & grey day so only a couple of snaps from the outside deck of the ferry.  Views here are North up Howe Sound with a very visible snow line.


The cut-away in the trees here is from the improvements to the sea-to-sky highway to Whistler.  Although the majority of this section was always two-lane they improved the junction around the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.


The East side of Howe Sound looking about as far as Lions Bay.


We had arranged to meet our friends at the park in Snug Cove so the dogs could have a really good race around on the open green before we went for a walk around a nearby lake.

The views here from the park in Snug Cove.


We were then thoroughly distracted at the dogs trying to avoid them chasing the gaggle of geese that were sitting in the middle of the field – although Stella eventually did the honours and cleared the green ! 

After a good hour or more of chasing eachother and any other dog they met at the park we grabbed coffees and drove the short distance to Killarney Lake.

We then walked the hours or so around Killarney Lake.  There were some really good views of the lake but again we were busy walking, talking and throwing sticks for dogs so didn’t take many photos.

This is the one we have across the lake.


Conveniently at the end of the walk is a section of trail that allows easy lake access for the dogs to wash off.  Mojo here is contemplating removing this fallen tree from the lake.  Thankfully he does give up on this idea.


Stella enjoying a stick she has just stolen off of Mojo.


A brief clip of movie of the dogs splashing about in the lake.

After completely exhausting the dogs we headed to a new restaurant in Artisan Square called Artisan Eats  for a terrific lunch and then headed home.

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