Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pitt Lake and Wildlife Reserve November 2010

On Tuesday while it was still very cold it was sunny and bright and the bone-chilling breeze of the day before had died down so we decided to head back out to Pitt Lake as this promised some easy walking with good views.

These views from McNeil Road across farmland in Pitt Meadows.


Looking East towards Golden Ears Provincial Park.


The views along Rannie Road leading towards Pitt-Addington Marsh and the lake.


Are we there yet ?


Further along Rannie Road, almost at the park entrance.


Once parked we could see the waterways were all frozen.


Looking across the boat ramp and marina.


When we were last here with Mum and Dad in July the waterways were a hive of activity.  On this cold November day all is quiet, including the canoe rental hut.


We get onto the nature trail running East from the parking lot.  Mojo is convinced there’s something interesting in this tree.

IMG_3201 - Copy

This trail is much easier to walk today than it was in the summer when it was somewhat overgrown.


So there’s plenty of stick-fetching to help keep warm.


Looking North-East from the nature trail.

IMG_3207 We see the first of two observation towers a little further along the trail.


One of several fallen trees, probably due to recent snowfall and also the winds that followed.


Looking North across the frozen ponds.


North-West across Pinecone Burke Provincial Park.



We reach the observation tower (and of course Mojo is first up !).  The low sun at this time of year means no good photos to the South, just this one looking South-East across the frozen marsh.


Then the view North-East along the dyke where we will continue to walk.


North-West across Pinecone Burke.


Views to the North.


We continue along the trail onto the wider open dyke.


Another tree to be jumped over.


The wide dyke trail turns North to head towards Pitt Lake.


A panorama view from this location.

We follow the dyke to the base of Pitt Lake and turn Westerly along the gravel road which heads back towards the parking lot.

Views North up the lake.


We reach the second observation tower and get these views to the North-East.


Due East towards Golden Ears with the frozen marsh on the right of the trail and the unfrozen lake to the left.


The last views to the North-West from the tower before we head back to the warmth of the car and head home.  A stunningly beautiful walk and perfect for a crisp winters day.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brrrrrr !

A chilly week, including a –9 recording in the car this morning.


Monday, November 22, 2010

First cold snap of the season

We are currently experiencing our first cold-snap of what is predicted to be a longer & colder than average Winter.

Friday night brought snow, not too much 8 or 9cms perhaps – enough to cover the trees and garden but not too much for the roads to be a problem.  Perfect !

Our house with the first dusting of snow this year.


Looking up and down the street, we love the way the snow clings to all the trees.

IMG_3147 IMG_3148 Mojo missed out on snow for most of his first winter as it was so mild, his only experience was snow-shoeing on Seymour in March.  However, he now has the chance to race around in the cold white stuff in his own backyard.

On Sunday morning I took Mojo for a good walk up at Lynn Headwaters as I was working in the afternoon and we were out visiting friends for dinner in the evening with Mojo and needed to be moderately exhausted so he would be more calm company !

Mojo giving a taste-test to snow on a log on his walk.


For the initial part of the walk the trail was predominately clear, with just snow on the trees and undergrowth.

IMG_3154 Initially it was just the bridge decks that were icy.

IMG_3156 More views along the trail.

IMG_3157 But it wasn’t long before the whole area was packed snow – the Yaktrax were soon put on and not taken off until we were nearly back at the parking lot. 

IMG_3158 IMG_3159 Eventually we reach the clearing known as Third Debris Chute.

IMG_3161 There are good views across Lynn Creek and Hanes Valley from here.




Mojo enjoys racing around fetching the freezing snow-clad stick.

One mucky Mojo.

IMG_3168 More views from Lynn Headwaters.  Even though we walk up here frequently, often 2 or 3 times a week it still makes it quite special with every change in the season whether it’s a beautiful sunny summers day, the golden leaves or roaring creeks in the rain or as today a cold snowy winters day.



As we turn and head back along the riverside trail the sun comes out and starts to burn off much of the cloud.




Views up the river as we head back towards the parking lot.

IMG_3182 Then today, Monday, I was going to head out and do the seawall around Stanley Park as I hadn’t completed this in over a year.  However, as we stepped out of the house we realised how bitterly cold it was and with quite a breeze.  The car showed that at almost midday it was still only –5 degrees.


So knowing that the wind (and windchill) would be much greater along the seawall we settled instead for an ordinary walk at Bridgman Park today.

Hopefully, it will be brighter, sunnier and less windy in the days to come so we can get some more interesting walk in.