Friday, November 05, 2010

Halloween 2010

We were invited once again to the annual Halloween bash at the house of one David colleagues.  As is the ritual in Canada big party at Halloween and all Halloween parties are costume.  This years theme was an homage to Hollywood Horror.

Last year the entire front of Traceys house was shrouded in a castle facade – which unfortunately blew down in strong winds.  This year they scaled down the effect, nonetheless it was still a remarkable transformation from suburban home to haunted house of horrors.

The Bates Motel sign copied from the Psycho movie spin off.


Myself and our host Tracey.  David and I went as Interview with a Vampire.  David of course the vampire and that way I got to go as a reporter which was not half as bad as many of the costumes.  Unfortunately they hadn’t yet made The Realtor & The Vampire movie otherwise that would have been our first choice.

IMG_3031 - Copy Carol with her brilliant costume for the Hitchcock movie The Birds.  The entire ground floor of Traceys house had been decorated including a wall dedicated to hollywood horror. 


Some costumes were less hollywood horror and just clever…….like Pumpkin Pie.


Some were more gory………


And some just plain scary……….

IMG_3037 Joy, David, Tracey and Michelle.  Michelles entire family came wrapped in bubble-wrap because the last time their family were visiting Traceys house their son had an accident and broke his arm.  Tracey isn’t going to forget that in a hurry !


We don’t do justice with the efforts of Tracey in decorating her house for the holiday or all her guests and the terrific costumes of which there were a great many and we didn’t actually photograph most of them.  Thanks for a fun party, no doubt be there again next year !

The next day was Halloween so Mojo enjoyed his new gift brought back from Florida, his own jack-o-lantern.

IMG_3060 - Copy

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