Monday, March 08, 2010

Spanish Banks Beach

On Saturday the sun was out and we had a free afternoon so we took ourselves off to Spanish Banks beach on Vancouver’s Westside.

We deliberately timed the walk so the tide was out and a very low tide to give us lots of sandy flats to walk on.

It was bright and sunny with great views of Downtown.

IMG_1087 copy

This was the view over West Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.


Towards the West the view of Howe Sound, with Lighthouse Park to the right and the Bowen Island ferry to the left of it.

IMG_1083 copy

Mojo is in dog heaven, initially racing around with all the other dogs at the busy end of the beach, then splashing in the shallow waters.  Here soaking up some sun.


Mojos other little trick is chasing birds.  He loves the chase, is fascinated when they take off into the air and thankfully is completely inept at catching them.

He had run after one or two seagulls on the beach without incident, however he then decided to chase after a particular bird which lead him to the rockpools where there must have been 30 or 40 birds feeding on the tiny sealife found in the pools.  He sent them all flying up into the air and then the next 15 minutes or so racing around attempting to prevent them landing.

Eventually we went and retrieved him as it was clear he was going to do this for the rest of the afternoon if we didn’t intervene.

This video as he races off and discovers the birds at the rockpools.

After collecting Mojo and getting back to the busier end of the beach so he could play with some other dogs rather than terrorising birds we eventually headed home.

An effect of the mild winter we have had this year are all the cherry blossom trees that are blooming right now.  Usually they don’t bloom until well into April at the earliest.

These trees were downtown on our way home.


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