Saturday, September 02, 2006

Views from Grouse Mountain

From the base camp, looking up part of the mountain, with the cable car tramlines visible and a cable car seen on its way down
From the cable car on the lower slopes looking across North Vancouver towards downtown (across the water)
From the cable car higher up looking across the Lonsdale area of North Vancouver. Our house is just out of sight to the left of the photograph (an annoying hill prevents you from seeing it from the cable car !)
From the very peak of Grouse looking over the reception area where the 'apres-ski' chalet, observatory restaurant and other amenities are.
Still a couple of small pockets of snow remain at this height, although most melted in late June, early July.
Views across Burnaby and the Eastern side of the city
Views to the East and South across Burnaby and the Fraser Valley beyond.
Close-up of Mt Baker in Washington State.

These were a few extra images taken when we went up Grouse Mountain with Yvette while she was visiting.

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Oh! I love those pictures!