Saturday, April 12, 2008


Once again my job has afforded me a trip away in Canada. This time the ICU Collaborative & 'Safer Healthcare Now!' meetings were in Winnipeg. Now it has to be said that before going several people laughed or at least smirked when I said I was going to Winnipeg; this was often accompanied with a look of perplexion and the question "why?". Now that I have been I can understand this a little more.

That isn't to say I did not have a good trip but despite being told that I was seeing Winnipeg at the worse time of year (dirty Spring) I was a little disappointed.

As you can see here from this shot from the plane it is pretty flat & sprawling with some big buildings in the middle.

I had hoped to experience some of the extreme cold Winnipeg is famous for, -30 degrees in the depths of winter, but the coldest it got being the begining of spring was -4. However a striking feature I had not seen before was the frozen river.

The next couple of blog entries are more pics of my trip. Enjoy!

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