Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Getting Settled In

Our living room after one day of unpacking and settling in. Charlie has already reserved his spot....

Our container from the UK arrived on Monday 21st August. We were delighted to find that the only damage sustained in the 3500 mile journey was a broken wine glass.

Unfortunately the 20' journey from the van into the house resulted in damage to one of the bedside cabinets as it rolled off the trolley being used by the removal men to carry it up the front steps. I guess that's what insurance is for !

The house didn't need too much cleaning as the previous owners had left it in pretty good condition. However, the whole of the main floor is solid hardwood floors and so we cleaned and treated those before all of the furniture arrived on Monday.

More pictures will follow as the remainder of the house gets decorated and becomes presentable !

A & D

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tracy said...

What a great site, its amazing to see Vancouver looking so good, I am so glad I live here too........well you know what I mean Bowen is nearly Vancouver!
I am at work, no pictures of the dungeon,ie.ICU as yet David?
look forward to seeing the new place soon,