Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Mummy Cometh

Our current esteemed visitor is Mummy Waller. She had planned to come out to see us for her 60th birthday since we announced our emigration to Vancouver. So here she is.

Mum's arrival was heralded by severe storms which downed many trees, caused power outages (Canadian for power cut) and water turbidity. The last effect refers to the disturdance of water in local resevoirs due to heavy rainfall and land slippage making it muddy. Normal turbidity as it is called should be less than 1 NTU (Don't ask?) and ours went up to 90!! The basic result was a drink bottled or boiled water order city wide. What a welcome!

So the weather was less than delightful, mostly raining, but this changed to the snow for the second week and mum was able to see some of the beauty of where we live.

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