Thursday, April 05, 2007

First taste of French Canada

Trip To Montreal

Well I must be doing something right in my new job as I was asked to attend an ICU Collaborative meeting in Montreal. I had been doing some work around the managment of severe sepsis for the hospital and this was chosen as a new topic for the national network of ICU's across Canada. To be a part of this I have to attend a few meetings and the first of which was in Montreal last week.

Of course I have attended national meetings before in the UK but non that I had to fly 5 hours to staying 4 days at Le Center Sheraton, in French Canada.

The meeting was a success and it was really interesting to network with people from different provinces as it is easy to feel that British Columbia is a country apart from the rest of Canada. I had a chance to do a bit of sight seeing too and the next few posts are some pics from the trip.

Climbing Mont Royal, a large hilside park adjacent to downtown Montreal, affords great views of the city, as pictured here.

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