Monday, November 05, 2007

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The RCMP are our everyday police force and on the whole look very much like any other modern force. Their history however is one of a pioneering hardy decendant of the victorian evolution from the 'Red coats'. In the way that the British police owe their tradition from the first Peelers in London.

In their traditional dress they represent a classic Canadian icon. I had not seen a 'Real Mountie' until my recent trip to Regina where we met a recent graduate of the RCMP academy in full ceremonial dress for his graduation parade whilst he waited to pick up his proud family at the airport.

I was not previously aware but all RCMP conduct their basic training at 'Depot' in Regina. It would appear that Regina is the home of the RCMP. A trip to the recently built museum center was great fun; including some dressing up!!!!

Not sure why but the outfits were too small for me to put on, they were only really big enough for children!

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