Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Walk

Is there a whiff of Burrard Inlet in the living room ? Ah yes, that'll be Mr C !

Last year David worked Christmas Day so I took Charlie to Lynn Headwaters for the first time. This year, David was working again and as I already knew it would be too snowy at Headwaters (the parking lot was covered in snow and that usually has the least of the whole area) so I decided to make another first for Charlie (and me for that matter) and walk around the seawall in Stanley Park. I have walked parts of the seawall before, but never in it's entirity and Charlie has never been to Stanley Park before.

It was cold & wet and in parts windy so not really the ideal day for a stomp somewhere so exposed but it was lovely to do the walk and I really look forward to doing it again with David when we have a better day for it.

Here are a few pics from the walk. Due to the weather they are a bit dull & miserable but show Charlies Christmas Walk off nonetheless.

Charlie posing with a backdrop of downtown

There was a large raft of ducks, seen here with Lionsgate Bridge in the background

The lighthouse on the North East side of the park

Having a festive swim & stick fetch

Posing post swim

More swimming

Towel dryed off, ready to go home

When we got home we were surprised to find a good 2-3cms of snow had fallen while we were out, and Charlie was dismayed to remember that he had left a bone in the garden before we went on our walk. He is seen here desperately trying to find it. He does eventually track it down and quickly eats it before it can get lost again.

All in all, a good Christmas day of walks in the morning and sofa-snoozing in the afternoon. A proper dogs Christmas.

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