Monday, February 25, 2008

Cates Park

On Sunday David was working so I decided to have a change of scenery and walk with Charlie at Cates Park, which is at the south-east corner of North Vancouver, close to Deep Cove, about 10 minutes drive from home. We had tried to visit here in the summer when Anne & Ian were visiting but they don't allow dogs from April - September and it was too warm to have left him in the car that day.

The length of the trails is a bit limiting, but there are lots of swimming opportunities for Charlie and the views are great.

This is a view north-east towards Indian Arm. Deep Cove is just out of sight, but is on the left beyond the headland.

Plenty of opportunity for swimming

Below is a some movie taking on our stills camera of an unintentionally long swim for Charlie. After hitting the water, the stick skimmed the surface almost as far again, but C faithfully paddles after it.

An oil tanker, waiting close to the refinery which is in Port Moody on the other side of the inlet, close visually but actually about 45-60 minutes drive as there are no bridges linking.

A close up of the waterside village of Belcarra

Looking North up Indian Arm

Finally, another bit of movie showing a panorama of the north-eastern edge of the park as it meets a residential neighbourhood of Deep Cove showing the views up Indian Arm and across to Belcarra Regional Park on the otherside of the water.

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