Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter at the Novak-Jacksons

This Easter we visited for dinner our friends Sig & Helen, and their family of Bella, Max & Basil plus Buddy the dog and two cats. Since we did this last Easter too, it has been decided that this is actually an annual event which must be upheld on all future Easters !

Helens mother Jill was up visiting from Kelowna and it was a nice big house full. Jill actaully hails from Southwold in Suffolk so we had the chance to put the world to rights with a fellow Brit.

Another tradition (although it's planned for this to be more than annual) is David making a pavlova which has become a firm favourite in the Novak-Jackson house. This year David made two to ensure there was enough to go around (and some left over for Basil for breakfast!)

David is seen here with Basil and Max

Then we had to play on their Nintendo Wii. We had the opportunity to fail miserably when playing against 6 year olds and look like a pair of morons.

David and I in the living room

The day also co-incided with Buddy's 3rd birthday He was bought a doggy birthday cake from Big Dog Little Dog Bakery in Burnaby ( He has pretty much the same approach to food as Charlie - 'eat it'. Basil assured us the cake tasted of peanut butter - we were all quite happy to believe him as none of the rest of us were prepared to try it. Buddy is seen here with Sig & Helen.

Buddy with his cake, Max & Helen

Now you see it........

Now you don't..........

The kids also bought Charlie an Easter gift from the same dog bakery - a rather ominously named 'Killer' bone. This is him receiving it. He's very grateful and guarding it hard - although the 'I' did fall off so he had to eat that. It's now a 'K ller' bone.

In all we had a great Easter and hope you all did too.

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