Sunday, May 04, 2008


Spring seems to have been very late arriving this year, with an unusually cold April and late snow showers.

While we haven't been very successful sustaining plantlife in the house, largely due to the lack of natural daylight particularly during the winter months, we are enjoying more success outside.

These are a few shots of the trees Mum & Dad planted during their stay last summer.

This is the Indian Plum (we think that's what it was called anyway)

The red plum is also doing very well

However the witch hazel Bloomed in the middle of Winter (as it is supposed to) with firey red feather like flowers. Didn't get a pic; maybe next year? It looks like the leaves will arrive soon.

And the beech is also about to burst into life

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Anne&Ian said...

Great to see them looking so good now that Spring has sprung.

We guess that they must really your enjoy snow and rain but actually prefer some sunshine like the rest of us.