Saturday, November 01, 2008

Varley Trail at Lynn Headwaters

On this Saturday I had an open house and the weather wasn't too promising so we looked for a shorter simpler trail and found the Varley Trail at Lynn Headwaters.

Starting from the usual carpark location you walk South instead of North along the river until you reach the Rice Lake Road bridge which you cross, skirt the Seymour Demonstration Forest and then return on the East side of the river back into Headwaters.

Being a Saturday the carparks were busy.

Charlie's ready to go

Views downstream of Lynn Creek

And upstream

We had access to the water in several places.

A quick clip of video from the waters edge on Lynn Creek

The Rice Lake Road bridge is high over the canyon, this being the view down to the creek from it.

Small tributaries form waterfalls as they crash down the canyon walls to the creek below

Views through the park

Despite being a Saturday and the carparks busy, the trails were still nice and quiet

Eventually towards the end of our walk the sun did come out, shining through some lovely yellow leaves

The Varley Trail was an easy, circular route which took only just over an hour is a great alternative when we don't have hours to dedicate to a long hike. It also has the advantage of not being such a backcountry walk so there will be less snow in the winter and less chance of meeting wildlife.

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