Saturday, January 31, 2009

Burnaby Lake

Last Monday I headed over to Burnaby Lake Regional Park. I had not been there before and it's only 20 minutes or so away from home. The weather was cold but bright and the forecast for the rest of the week was wet so it seemed a good chance to get out before the weather turned.

The park comprises a large relatively shallow lake surrounded by protected parkland a nature reserve and a number of sports fields & facilities. Unlike most of the backcountry parks in this area Burnaby Lake is sandwiched between the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam so human development surrounds it.

From the parking lot adjacent to the rugby clubhouse the trail initially leads to the rowing club before joining the trail that leads right the way around the lake. This was the start of the trail. Like Buntzen there was a well walked section of the path that was easiest on walk on as the snow was packed down although in the places it was very slippery where the top layer was still frozen.

After passing the rowing club you cross a tributary and get the first view of the lake.

Shortly after the trails leads right down to the lake edge and you get good views towards the North Shore mountains.

A wider view of the North Shore - the ski runs of Grouse Mountain can be seen on the left hand side of this photo.

A panorama view from the east to the west of the lake from the south shore.

Much of the lake still had a thin layer of ice across the top

There was much evidence of encouraging wildlife in the park. A number of the trees had bird boxes attached to them and even a few 'freestanding' ones like these.

And there were a lot of birds everywhere in the park. I stand to be corrected by anyone who knows better.....but I think this was a Spotted Towhee......

And this a Song Sparrow......

The Lions come into view

To the east the Coquitlam skyline can be seen with mountains behind. These views, plus the gentle background humm from Highway 1 are a reminder that you're still very much within the Metro area in this park.

More views around the park

Looking North across the lake

Some of the South Shore trail is on boardwalks as they cross large areas of natural bog

Eventually the trail widens and becomes a bridle path linked to the equestrian centre in the park.

Now crossing onto the North side of the lake we see where the Brunette River forms out of the east end of Burnaby Lake.

I heard this Downy Woodpecker before I saw it.

Here's a little video footage of it although it didn't do much 'tapping' while I was able to film it

There were also lots of ducks and geese living here

Video footage of them....

A male Mallard

Some Canada Geese

And a couple of what I would call seagulls but I believe are Glaucous-winged gulls

Looking back at Coquitlam Town Centre from the North Side.

More Canada Geese wandering along the trail

Finally as I head back towards the parking lot a view across the lake to the Burnaby skyline on the South side of the lake.

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