Sunday, March 01, 2009

Day Two in Key West

Our second full day in Key West we decided to hire bikes. This seemed the easiest and fun way to get around the town, cover more ground and without the hassle of finding somewhere to park and so on.

We headed over to the cemetery - perhaps a slightly unusual spot to spend a holiday but we had read this was a rather unusual cemetery. Because of the exceptionally high watertable in Key West you can't dig down far before you hit water. Therefore, all the 'graves' in the cemetery are above ground.

Some are built into small buildings, usually keeping families together as family plots would do in a traditional cemetery.

This noteworthy headstone from a local renowned hypercondriac......

Then we decided we needed a canine fix so cycled over to the only 'dog beach' in Key West. Unfortunately we discovered the tide was in and when the tide's in - the area of 'beach' is smaller than our backyard ! No pooches to be found here.....

A few blocks along the coast from the dog beach is White Street pier. This was turned into the Key West AIDS Memorial in memory of the huge proportion of the towns population lost during the 1980's and 1990's. These views either direction along the coast from the pier.

The we headed back towards the town centre, passing the 'Southernmost' point on the way. Again, bending the truth slightly since the most southern point is on the naval base in the town. However, this is the most southern point joe-public is actually allowed to get to.

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