Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacant Suite

Our home has what's called a 'basement suite' which is a self-contained apartment underneath the main living area which can be rented out to supplement our income, help pay the mortgage etc.

This month our tenants finally decided to move out, into a bigger two bedroom unit nearby as they now have a family. They had been renting our one-bedroom apartment for four years.

The suite is now empty so David and I have finally had the chance to have a really good look around it.

We haven't decided what to do with the suite right now, we might hold onto it for a friend who could use the space, or we might rent long-term again or on a short term basis by the night, weekly etc.

The access to the suite is to the side of our house and they have their own section of garden too.

There is a living / dining room overlooking their garden and a door out to it

The kitchen is a little tired but still quite functional.

The bedroom has a large wall-to-wall closet which is just out of view along the right hand wall

The bathroom is quite a good size for a basement suite, it also has a window which is pretty rare

Together with a large shower stall

And finally a full laundry.

Whatever we decide to do with the suite we will freshen it up with some new paint, new taps and door handles in the kitchen and it will be ready for the next occupants !

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