Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mojo Graduates Kindergarten !

Last week Mojo completed the first of his 8-week dog training classes. This one was designed for young puppies (Mojo was only just young enough to enroll) and was called 'Kindergarten'. This level of training was simple, basic commands such as sit, stay, down etc All of these are commands Mojo has learned very quickly so to us the most useful aspect of this class was the social interaction with other dogs - they have about 20 mins free 'playtime' at the end of each class where they can run off leash and play with other dogs, toys etc. They also get to interact with with other dog owners and their children which has been terrific socialisation for Mojo.

The next level of class begins in September and is 'Beginners' where there is still social interaction but a greater emphasis on good obedience training.

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