Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kokanee Creek Park and Lakeside Park

The first couple of days during our stay on Kootenay Lake the weather wasn't forecast to be too great so we decided to head to the Kokanee Creek Park where we would be partially under tree canopy if it rained.

Kokanee Creek Park was created in 1955 and developed further in 1982 when they built a spawning channel next to the Kokanee Creek. This was created for the Kokanee (or Red) salmon who are a rare landlocked / freshwater breed of salmon. Each year 3 year old salmon come to these tributaries to breed and then eventually die.

A view of Kokanee Creek

Masses of Kokanee Salmon in the spawning channel

More fish and a few ducks down stream

Mum, Dad, Mojo and I at Kokanee Creek Park

After we had visited the spawning channel we walked along a trail upstream alongside the main creek. Mojo couldn't catch any fish but he managed to retrieve this stick

David, Mojo and I - thanks Mum for this picture

Views upstream

After lunch the weather had improved and showed no signs of starting to rain so we headed into the town of Nelson to Lakeside Park
View here of the 'Orange Bridge' carrying Highway 3A out of town, over the lake and up the North side of the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.

Closer view of the bridge.

Mojo and I at Lakeside Park

Nelson originally had the 'shortest streetcar system in North America' running in the early 1900's just three cars, numbered 21, 22 and 23 - to give the impression of a bigger street car system. They were replaced in 1949 with diesel buses but since 1992 the original streetcar 23 has been operational by volunteers in the city as a tourist attraction.

Lots of geese on the playing fields in Lakeside Park

There is even a free outside 'gym'

Views of Lakeside Park. Nelson makes excellent use of it's waterfront location.

Views back across the park.

For Mojo, after two good walks during the day, it was ended with a good snooze.

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