Friday, February 26, 2010

Golden Olympics

We were not expecting much from the Winter Olympics; neither of us has ever really been into winter sports but the Olympic spirit here in Vancouver has gripped us.

Our friends Sig & Sharon even got to go to the opening ceremony. We did not get tickets to anything. We even contemplated getting out of town thinking it might be a hassle in town. Little did we know it would all go so well. We forgot we were in Canada as I’m sure it would have been worse in England. I guess we will see in 2012?Sig & Sharon at 2010 It has been a high spirited 2 weeks and Vancouver has been a fantastic place to be for the Olympics. We have been busy about town and hooked watching at home as we urge the Canadian athletes on to achieve more & more.

Here Alexandre Bilodeau gets the first Gold ever taken on home soil.IMG_0902

Although we are not Canadian yet……Go Canada Go!

IMG_0928 Flag wrapped Building Downtown.

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