Sunday, August 01, 2010

Killarney Lake, Bowen Island

One ‘job’ we needed to do recently was visit the Bowen Island Dog Ranch to check it out and let Mojo visit.  He will probably be booked there when we go away later this year.

It seemed a good opportunity to do this with Mum and Dad as we would get the nice day out on Bowen and we could take in a walk there as well.

Thanks Mum for several of the photos on this post.

We board the ferry at Horseshoe Bay.  The views North East along Howe Sound from the ferry deck as it departs.


The North across the sound.


Bowyer Island on the right with Gambier beyond.


As we leave Horseshoe Bay we pass the Queen of Oak Bay ferry from Nanaimo arriving.


The flag on our ferry.


The view as we approach Snug Cove on Bowen Island.


This is Mannion Bay, the inlet North of Snug Cove.


After leaving the ferry we drive straight to the Dog Ranch.  The ranch is on several acres and of course double-fenced so before you enter the grounds you have to check in with the staff using the intercom which I’m using here at the Pup Shack.


We are given a guided tour of the grounds including the sleeping quarters for the dogs which is in The Barn.


Once we have looked around the ranch we head off to Killarney Lake which is within Crippen Regional Park on the Island.


There is a trail which runs all the way round the lake, taking about 1.30hrs approximately to complete. 

IMG_0402 Views of Killarney Lake which was really beautiful and clean.


Lots of lilies growing.


Mojo has a good swim.  The water’s so clear even where he has been swimming you could see all four of his legs working away underwater.


Small piece of video of the lake and Mum and Dad.

We continue along the trail with a couple more angles of the lake.



After our walk we head to Artisan Eats for lunch and then back down to Snug Cove.  We are a little early for the ferry so put the car in the ferry queue then walk over to the beach while we wait.

View from the beach across the harbour in Snug Cove.


This view of Mojo swimming in the harbour taken on my Blackberry hence less good quality.

Mojo in Snug Cove

Locally owned businesses line the main road through Snug Cove. Bowen is quite unusual in having no ‘chain’ businesses they are all independent.


Bowen Island library.


Finally, views out of Snug Cove as we leave on the ferry back towards Horseshoe Bay.


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