Monday, December 06, 2010

Snow Shoeing

This weekend we had a surprise ‘treat’ – a sunny weekend day when we were both free and with no work pressures able to go out snow shoeing.  Being such a beautiful weekend day the mountain was extremely busy with skiers, boarders and snow shoe walkers.

David and Mojo.  Mojo absolutely loved the deep fluffy snow and raced around continuously.

IMG_3260 It was about +5 degrees and deep blue skies – they’re not photoshopped ! 

IMG_3262 At times the trails were quite busy having to over-take, pass and get over-taken by other people. Mojo despite wanting to charge up and down the trail ahead of us would run up the banks to the side to let people pass.

IMG_3264 Mojo having an off trail exploration.


More views along the trails


Looking across a frozen First Lake towards the cabin at the top of the hill on the otherside.


Mojo and I

IMG_3274 Movie of our crunching through the snow with Mojo.

As we return from the walk the sun is starting to go down and casts beautiful yellow shades over the snowy landscape.


The chair lift which had sat unused when Mojo and I walked up to Mystery Lake in October is now in full operation.


Views across the water with Vancouver Island visible on the horizon.


Looking East with Mt Baker in the distance


Grouse Mountain.


A stunning end to a beautiful day.


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