Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Squirrel Face-Off

When faced with a squirrel in the backyard Mojo knows it’s fair game – he can chase and bark at it to his hearts content.  The squirrels know they’re safe on the 6ft fencing and leap effortlessly into the trees and up to safety but they put on a good show squeaking and running around the garden in Mojos presence.

The front however is a different matter.  Mojo can only sit at the living room window and watch helplessly as one of the evil tree-rats attempts to out-stare him and then proceeds to raid the bird food dispenser, something Mojo also has an opinion about. 

When Mojo dreams at night and his legs are moving and he lets out the occasional ‘woof’ under his breath – you know the squirrels getting it.


1 comment:

Doug and Jes said...

sassy squirrels! no wonder Mojo is annoyed : )