Sunday, May 01, 2011

Wills & Kate

Though we are newly Canadian we remain British. And as such we wanted to enjoy the Pomp & Circumstance of the Royal wedding as best we could over here in Vancouver. There are many ex-pats or just pro-royal folks here who planned to mark the day in some way.

The day started early with a 1 am pyjama party to watch the proceedings live at a friends place. Of course Big Ben kept us in touch with London Time.


 IMG_4404 Tiara & Bubbles abound. This was the start of much champagne drinking which can’t be bad.



I’m pretty sure that the TV reception for the last royal wedding I watched, Charles & Di, you never would have got away with snaps for keepsakes but thanks to the modern HD vision it’s like we were right there! LoL!!

IMG_4423 Then it’s on to Mrs Crompton’s to join a more sensible daytime party complete with Full English, more champagne, finger sandwiches, Scones & Cake.



IMG_4448 It all Gets very patriotic if not a little surreal.


IMG_4463 Congrats to The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

Any excuse for a bit of fun in the name of tradition, eh?

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Doug said...

I think many people became royalists that day! I watched it recorded starting at 9am local time, and my eyes were glued to the screen the whole five hours.