Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mojo’s Playdate

Yesterday we had our friend Sig & Helens dog Buddy come to stay for the day and night while they went down to a concert in Seattle.  After collecting Buddy we headed over to Buntzen Lake to have a good walk there and wear the two boys out, thus ensuring a peaceful afternoon.

Buddy waiting for us on the approach to the floating bridge.

IMG_5413 Mojo soon catches up.

IMG_5414 Mojo and Buddy are the best of friends and everywhere Buddy sniffs Mojo will too and vice versa. They are also excellent at sitting in unison when asked.

Mojo and Buddy 3

Good views around the lake.




It isn’t long before Mojo finds easy access to the lake and is in having his first swim.


Initially under the watchful eye of Buddy.


Although Buddy is soon sampling the joys of Buntzen Lake for himself.


More lake views as the trail winds alongside.


In areas the trail climbs up and down the hillside adjacent to the lake and under the hydro lines fed by the generating station at the North end of the lake.


Our first views of North beach, in the sun.  The peace and tranquility of this scene will soon be broken by the two ‘rambunctious’ dogs !


Continuing along the trail.

Mojo and Buddy 4

We reach the North beach and have a swimming competition.


Nobody knows who won because nobody knew what the rules were.


But a splendid effort by both contestants nonetheless.

Posing for a photo after their swimming.


We then follow the trail back along the East side of the lake, with these views.


Once back at the official dog beach it’s time for some more swimming and stick fetching.


Before returning to the car and home.  Therefore, predictably the rest of the afternoon was predominately……

Buddy sleeping

Buddy then stayed the night, had a walk in Princess Park with us this morning before returning home around lunchtime.  He’s a great houseguest and Mojo absolutely loves having him to walk and play with at home so no doubt he’ll be back again soon !

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