Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blasts from the Past!

Santa came late today to complete some purchases we made for our media room with Christmas money from Mum, Sister & Co.

For many years we have stored & moved our  old Vinyl records around from house to house & even here to Canada with us though we have not had a system to play them on since the CD took over in the 1990’s. Though music is digitally available & easy to access through our home network direct to media systems & the IPod reigns supreme there is something very special listening to an artists work  as they made it on a record so we bought these vintage items.


The speakers I already had having kept them for many years. Now rarely available Wharfdale Diamond III’s.

The Receiver came first a couple of weeks back and is a 1980 manufactured Yamaha Natural Sound CR-640.


Classic build and great sound. We were able to inspect it thoroughly when the guy we purchased it from made final checks inside of all the working parts.

Today we bought a turntable for the Vinyl. A Dual CS-508, Made in Germany between 1980 to 1984. Semi automatic and works beautifully!


Here is the sale brochure from when they sold new back then for around $160!!


Guess what I am doing all afternoon.


Thanks Mum. Thanks Denny, Jay & Annabel. Merry Christmas again.

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