Monday, June 25, 2012

Please Can I Have Your Seat ?

There are some who think a dogs place is on the floor and no room on the sofa for them keeping them firmly last place in the family pecking order.  They’re probably right but both Charlie and Mojo (and Aussies in general) are such snugglers its a wasted opportunity not to occasionally invite them up for some fuss.  While Mojo may be slightly confused on his place in the home getting his sofa cuddles, he at least has kept his manners – when a more comfortable option beckons him he does politely ask ‘Please Can I Have Your Seat’ ?

Mojo sayin please

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Louise Ducote said...

He has such lovely manners! We try not to let Ivy and Revel on the furniture but the boys and I have no problem sitting on the floor to cuddle and pet them. My husband is older and doesn't feel like crouching on the floor, so when he invites them on the couch I pretend not to notice and just hope the Aussies understand that couch time is for that one person only!