Monday, September 17, 2012

Veranda Beach

We are finally back from our summer of travelling so can get up to date with blogposts and photos of our activities.

Continuing on from our previous post, driving through Manning Park on route to visit our friends staying on Osoyoos Lake.

Our friends had rented a house in a beach complex on the Southern end of Osoyoos Lake, just over the border in Washington State.

Situated in the town of Oroville, the Veranda Beach vacation development was built around 5 years ago although there are expansion plans in progress.


The short drive down the hillside from the road, through the Veranda Beach vineyards to the development at the waters edge.


The streets all have cutesy names, such as ‘Flip Flop Lane’ and ours was ‘Barefoot Lane’.


Sig outside the cottage they had rented for a week (we were just joining them for a couple of nights).



There are cottages of assorted designs and sizes, all with small enclosed garden areas, perfect for the dogs or young kids.



Large greenways provided safe areas for children to play and walking routes around the village.



The greenways all lead back to the village centre which had a bar/restaurant, swimming pool, gym, games areas and the family beach.

For us however the best feature of this location is the lake access and dog beach. 

Views of the beach at Veranda Beach


There was also a boat dock so you can bring your own boat to use on the lake if you wish.


Views South down Osoyoos Lake towards Oroville.


Panorama from Veranda Beach.

Both the US and Canadian flags fly here – we might be in the US but the majority of the patrons of Veranda Beach were Canadians and we are actually so close to the border our cellphones still picked up signal from Rogers.  It was like we never left Canada (except beer, wine, spirits, dairy products and a whole bunch of other stuff was much cheaper in the supermarket !)


The dog beach on Osoyoos Lake.  Lovely warm, clean water.


We could barely get Mojo out of the lake.  He swam his legs off !


Buddy too made the most of the lake.


While Missie rocked her funky floatation device


In-and-out of the lake.

One of the nicest aspects of travelling here in the summer is that the lake’s so warm you can get in and swim with the dogs.


David with Mojo in the lake.


Mojo swimming at Veranda Beach

Finally some video of Missie enjoying Osoyoos Lake.

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