Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Okanagan and along the Sea-to-Sky Highway

With our recent visitors we ventured to the Okanagan for which is fast becoming our annual tradition of renting a house with Andrea & Stephen and doing some wineries while hopefully enjoying some warmer drier weather than we experience on the coast.  We managed most of that, thankfully we had fleece’s and waterproofs !

The house we rented this time was on Skaha Lake on the south end of Penticton, right in the heart of wine country.

David with Mojo on the house’s jetty.


The living room was double height and had fantastic views up the lake.


The day we arrived (and seemingly each afternoon during our stay) the winds would pick up and create surprisingly big waves on the lake which came crashing against the deck, splashing water over the furniture and anyone who was outside at the time.  Mojo much as he wanted to get in the lake wasn’t impressed with the waves.


The following morning the lake was beautifully calm even though it has just started raining (and pretty much continued throughout our stay !)


Stephen on the jetty and Mojo keeping a close eye on the people paddling in the dragon boat, who are also keeping a close eye on Mojo


Between the ducks and the big fish in the lake there was plenty to keep Mojo occupied watching.


Despite the weather we had lots of fun visiting the wineries and hanging out with Stephen and Andrea.  Between us all we did a good job stocking up the wine rack.


After returning from the Okanagan we took our visitors up to Whistler for the day, stopping enroute for views at Porteau Cove


David, his Dad and Mojo at Porteau Cove


We make the obligatory stop at Brandywine Falls


Unfortunately our timing was such that the chairlifts had closed for the winter season and were about (but not yet) to open for the summer, we were in one of the few short days they are non-operational.  So, we didn’t get to go up the mountains on this occasion, we’ll have to save that for next time. 

Views here on the way back along the Sea-to-Sky Highway


Finally, the mini-Inukshuk David and his Dad built.


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