Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our Temporary Pad

Well, since 'Real Estate' is supposedly my thing David says it's my job to write this post !

Until the house we have bought completes at the end of August, we have rented a property as a 'stop-gap' to enable us to have our own space, and more importantly bring Charlie over as soon as possible.

We have rented a 'shabby-chic' (more one than the other) house in a neighbourhood about 1 mile from Davids work, and about 3-4 miles South of Downtown. The area called Kerrisdale, is actually very sought after, being predominately leafy avenues of large houses close to many parks and beaches.

The house itself is a 1950's property which could use a little TLC but is quite comfortable and it means the owners are relaxed about us bringing the dog here. It appears to be a bungalow from the front, but in good Canadian style dissapears underground so actually has vastly more space than you would think. Most importantly there's a fenced garden for Charlie and a BBQ.

The owners of the house are German and planned an extended holiday back to Europe which coincided perfectly with our need to rent until our house purchase completes. However, because its only a short rent the owners belongings are still here - it's a rather strange feeling seeing someones elses family photos on your fridge door and their clothes in the wardrobe. As for the answerphone - we are still arguing over who's Robin and who's Doris !

That said, as landlords they have been very welcoming, baking us cakes and giving us lots of 'neighbourhood tips'.

We aren't expecting any visitors before we get the house we have bought and so we have posted some images of this rental house, so you can picture us here over the next few weeks.

A & D

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