Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wonderful Weather

This post is for those interested in all things meteorlogical. In particular I know that Josep will be interested as he was certain we were to have nothing but rain.....

In fact we have had glorious weather since we arrived. The first week was warm but reasonably cloudy with some rain and one big storm (pictured from our hotel).

Since then we have had nothing but summer. Days have gone past without a cloud in sight. Temperatures have been 25 to 32 degrees. We even went out and bought a fan as was too hot to sleep at night.

We are told that the sunny weather we have had is fairly typical of the Vancouver summer, which is great, but we are under no illusion that the rain will come. How else could a place be so beautiful and green?

Hope you all are enjoying whatever weather you have.

D & A


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