Saturday, July 01, 2006

Charlie Comes to Canada

As we have said, posts on this blog follow no particular chronology. Indeed much has happened before yesterdays events but the arrival of our pooch is too important to leave until we get around to posting other stuff.

Yes our family is together again!

For those that are not dog people or soppy like us about their pet, this may seem a little over the top, but we are delighted to be reunited with our Charlie. Strangely his arrival has made this all feel very real and somewhat permanent (at least long term?). I guess starting work next week may also bring an end to the 'holiday feeling'. Whatever, we are just really happy to have him back in our lives after what was the longest time we had been without him since he became our baby 5 years ago.

Of all the changes and stresses having Charlie fly over from the UK was perhaps the most stressful. We were so worried about him. We know he is not fond of kennels and certainly never been put in a box and flown across the planet for 9 hours.

We were prompt to collect him at the airport only to be told it would be at least an hour after the plane landed before he would be processed. This in fact turned out to be a bit of an underestimate and we took possession of him after a convoluted process of getting handling forms completed, food and animal inspection and customs clearance.

Yet again this process has highlighted how Canadians love to tell you how not to do something but are not so helpful as to provide direction as to how to get things done (more on this later I am sure!) We could see Charlie lying in his crate in the cargo warehouse but could not get him yet. Most frustrating!

When we did get to him (or rather he was fork lifted over to us) he seemed a bit dazed/confused but very pleased to see us. We had to get him out as fast as we could and gave him much fuss. He was clearly anxious but quiet at the same time; keen for neither of us to go too far from him.

He was very thirsty and we gave him water & treats that we had come prepared with. Then brought him home.

After an afternoon of relaxing and snoozing (See pics) he seems to be settling. His time clock still needs to adjust however as he was up and wanted to play by 4 a.m. Today he has had his first Vancouver walk and seems to approve of the high standard of stick to fetch.

D. (on behalf of C.)


Vicki Stayt (Hodsons) said...

Hi Adrian and David, just to say how pleased i am that Charlie got there ok - i was worried about him for you!! but needless to say he looks very happy in his photo's, its great you have done a blog -please keep us up to date with a diary of Charlie!! hope you are both well, take care x

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