Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Whittington Visit - Canada

Tim (an old friend from work) & his Family came to Vancouver to visit friends and holiday for the first time in Canada recently. We arranged to meet up with them for a day out at Grouse Mountain. I was really keen to see a familiar face in this sometimes stressful time of change and we had not been up Grouse yet ourselves so proved a great day all round.

For those that are not familiar with the geography of Vancouver; to the north of the city are the Coast Mountains. The three closest and easily accessed are (from West to East) Cypress, Grouse & Seymour. Whilst on the mountain you are often reminded of it's importance; you will often hear the catchphrase "Welcome to Grouse - The Peak of Vancouver".

In the winter it boast a busy ski resort, but in the summer a family friendly excursion with nature trails, shows & great views.

Pictured above is the mildly amusing Grouse Mountain Lumberjack Show - possibly sponsored by Disney !

Although a little hazy, it was a glorous hot sunny day. The image above shows views of Downtown and below are views to the south as far as Mount Baker in the US State of Washington.

Once we move into Princess Avenue we will only be about 5 or 10 minutes from the base of Grouse Mountain. We have therefore bought ourselves 'membership' tickets. This enables us to travel up and down as many times as we want over the next year - this is great as we want to go when it's wintry and snowy, in the evening to see the lights of the city and other times of the year. Plus when guests visit we can get them up for half price.

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