Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Canadian Birthday to me!

Shortly after our arrival in Canada I had my birthday. As if being here in general was not a great enough present, Adrian took me away to Harrison Hot Springs for a couple of days.
As the name suggests this small resort, about one & a half hours drive south east of Vancouver, has a Hot Spring that was first capitalised upon by a chap called Harrison. Infact the history of the hot spring was that First Nation peoples used the pure hot waters that flowed from the mountain base into the lake for curative purposes long before a couple of western trappers stumbled into a 'warm patch' whilst bathing in the usually freezing cold lake.
Today there is a thriving tourism based community that attracts visitors from far & wide to bathe in the medicinal waters.

In particular the resort seems to attract alot of Germans & Swiss patrons. This has resulted in a dispraportionate number of traditional Alpine style eaterees. When In Harrison do as the natives & all that....So I had my birthday dinner in the one pictured here. It was very nice and made even better by the free serving of Black Forrest Gateaux served as it was my birthday.

Another pastime (besides bathing in very hot pools together) is magnificent Sand Sculpting. Pictured above.

I thouroughly enjoyed this trip & really relaxed for the first time in weeks. I did not realize how much I needed to 'Stop' until I lay back in the hot waters. We ate, Swam, slept & just hung-out together. Great!

I should also mention that I did indeed have the usual birthday morning wake up with tea & biscuits in bed and opened my cards & presents that friends and family had made sure were packed in my case before we left. Thanks & love to all. I had a great first Birthday in Canada.




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