Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lower Sunshine Coast 1

Approaching the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a summer playground, in particular for Southwestern Canadian residents. Despite being North of Vancouver the region enjoys an unusually mild climate, thanks to the proximity of Vancouver Island off the coast sheltering the region from the weather fronts that come in off of the Pacific.

Access is via ferry from Vancouver or Vancouver Island, by plane to Powell River (North Coast) , or sea-plane to Sechelt (South Coast) or Powell River.

The last 50 years have seen a boom in tourism in the region, in particular due to Vancouver and other lower mainland residents buying second-homes there.

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its laidback lifestyle and slow pace - attracting artists, hippies and anybody else wanting to get out of the rat race.

The coast at Sechelt

Porpoise Bay, near Sechelt


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