Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Canadian 'Pub'


OK, so the sign outside read The Lighthouse Pub. There was a carpark full of cars, and a few motorbikes and pick-ups. We step inside the rustic wooden building perched over the waters edge. The floor is strewn with peanut shells and there's rock music playing. There are a number of flat screen TV's showing the current ball-game and there's a great atmosphere as the place is packed - full of locals eating and drinking after a long days work. Definately looked like a pub to us.

So we walk up to the bar to order a drink...............and wait...............and wait................still waiting (there are plenty of bartenders buzzing around but nobody seems to want to serve)...........and wait some more........then eventually...

"Is there something I can help with ?" asks a confused looking bartender

"Yes, we'd like two beers please"

"Er.....from here ?" came the reply

OK, so it called itself a pub, looked like a pub, smelt like a pub, even largely had the atmosphere of a pub..........but with table service. No-one orders from the bar. It's a Canadian Pub.

So we sat by the window with our jug of cold beer and had a great meal of home made meat patty hamburger, cooked to specifed preference (medium rare), with all the trimmings, Side salad & fries for $6.95 (about 3.50 GBP).

It was so good that we went back for the Fish & Chips (fresh local Halibut) another night.

A & D

ps. We wonder how many Canadian tourists are still sat, dehydrated in the corner of an English pub........waiting for some service.


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