Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An Unwelcome Visitor

We have recently started seeing a North American Striped Skunk in our garden. Apparently is it not unusual to see them in this part of the world, and the black-and-white striped seen here is the most common.

The skunk tends to come out early evening, around 7pm ish and digs in the garden before wandering off onto a neighbouring yard.

Holes dug in the ground by the skunk, presumably looking for worms or other insects.

Reading up I have discovered that they often live under peoples decks, or holes in the foundations and while they are most famous for their ability to spray noxious chemicals from their backsides, they are otherwise generally considered useful to have around catching mice, rats and flies and eating spilt rubbish.

Thankfully on the couple of occasions he has visited so far, Charlie has been indoors and luckily not seen the skunk in the garden, or the dangerously close proximity he was getting to his tennis balls !

A & D


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David & Adrian said...

Glad you are enjoying the blog.

D & A

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